CFOA event will focus on ‘young driver distraction’

12.00 | 4 June 2015 |

The Chief Fire Officers Association’s 2015 Road Safety Week (8-14 June) will promote messages highlighting the dangers of young driver distraction.

CFOA says that with road collisions still the leading cause of death for young adults 15-19 years, “we need to bring down this disproportionately high fatality rate and save young lives (by) raising awareness in young people, their peers, parents and influencers of the dangers and consequences of driver distraction”.

CFOA describes inexperienced drivers and distraction as a “lethal cocktail”, and says while young people are used to multi-tasking – such as watching TV while texting and using the internet – they “may not anticipate the danger of doing so whilst behind the wheel”.

The key messages CFOA is looking to get across to young people relate to mobile phones, passengers (the biggest distraction for drivers), eating, drinking and smoking while driving, and in-car technology.


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