Met Police in Christmas e-scooter warning

12.13 | 1 December 2021 |

Image: Met Police

The Met Police has written to retailers urging them to be responsible when selling e-scooters in the run-up to Christmas.

As it stands, the only e-scooters that can be used on public roads are those rented as part of Government-backed trials.

The Met is working closely with TfL and City Hall to ensure that customers are aware that the use of privately owned e-scooters remains illegal in public spaces.

This includes through writing to e-scooter retailers in London reminding them of existing legislation and how they may be putting their customers at risk.

Commander Kyle Gordon, in charge of roads policing at the Met, said: “We know that some people may be unfamiliar with the rules around e-scooters and this is something we are working hard with partners to address.

“It is really unhelpful that retailers, fully aware of the risks they are creating for the public, continue to profit from selling machines illegal for use on public roads without sufficient explanation and guidance.

“This is leaving many with expensive seizures, fines and points on their licence. I am calling on retailers not to exploit their customers in the run-up to Christmas simply to make a profit.”

The Met has so far seized a total of 3,637 privately owned e-scooters this year, and will continue to respond to the large-scale illegal use in order to keep road users and pedestrians safe.

As with all areas of policing, the force says each offence will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, and where appropriate, officers will always seek to engage, explain and encourage anyone found using a private e-scooter on public land to stop and remove it.

However, if the rider is putting the public in danger, committing other offences, or is a repeat offender, officers will seek to enforce the law – including the possibility of seizure, disposal, and prosecution leading to fines and points on their licence.

Commander Gordon added: “Working alongside colleagues from TfL and the mayor’s office, our priority is to keep our roads and public spaces safe, and to engage and educate riders and the wider public on the rules of privately owned e-scooter devices.

“Private devices have, on occasion, proven to be highly dangerous; and we have been called to help many people who have been involved in collisions and ended up seriously hurting themselves or others.

“Teams from our Roads and Transport Policing Command will continue to work hard in the run-up to Christmas and in the New Year to educate e-scooter riders and where necessary and proportionate, take action.

“We are asking retailers and the public alike to remain alert to the rules in order to keep themselves, and others safe throughout the festive period.”



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