Redbridge moves to make cycling ‘easier and safer’

11.36 | 3 May 2022 |

Redbridge Council hopes the introduction of improved infrastructure and free skills training will encourage more people of all ages to cycle in the borough.

On 28 April, the council announced plans to create new mandatory cycle lanes, widen existing cycle lanes, and complete a range of road safety improvements on cycle routes in Wanstead.

The ambition is to link existing cycle routes to transport hubs, high streets, green spaces and other cycling routes in neighbouring boroughs.

Meanwhile, the council is working with training provider Cycle Confident to support budding cyclists develop and improve their skills and confidence.

The initiative offers free cycle training to adults, children and families (with up to three participants) who live, work or study in the borough.

Andrew Casson, Redbridge Council team lead for active and sustainable travel, said: “Developing Redbridge’s cycling infrastructure and providing cycling training is part of our commitment to active and sustainable travel.

“[This] can contribute to healthier lifestyles, a reduction in obesity in young people, improve air quality on our streets and encourage a switch from car to bicycle for short local trips – ultimately leading to cleaner, greener, and safer travel for our residents.”

Last year, more than 1,100 Redbridge children received cycle training in schools. An additional 900 people received cycle skills training outside of the school setting.

Championing more cycling in the borough is Redbridge school pupil, Azur Fangeat, who cycles to school every day. 

An avid cyclist like his parents, he completed a 26-day family bike ride from Switzerland to Holland – covering 1,444km – at the age of just five years.

Azur said: “I use my bike a lot to get to places and also use it every day to cycle to school. I love cycling and being outdoors, plus bikes are much better for the environment – something I’ve learnt more about as I’ve got older. 

“Riding and exploring places on a bike is lots of fun, and you get to see things you wouldn’t have seen if you were in a car. It also keeps me active, which my parents are happy about! If you’ve never ridden a bike before, don’t worry – it’s not hard to learn so don’t be put off. If I can do it, anyone can!”



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