Safe active travel – RSOs are on hand to help

09.57 | 18 May 2020 |

Image: Bikeability

An experienced network of local authority road safety officers is available across the country to provide advice and support for people looking to cycle and walk as part of their commute to work.

As more people return to work, the government is keen to capitalise on a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to permanently boost active travel – a move warmly welcomed by Road Safety GB.

Liz Brooker MBE, chair of Road Safety GB, said: “If anything good is to come out of the awful Covid-19 pandemic, it could be a permanent switch to more people cycling and walking – with significant long-term public health, environmental and general ‘quality of life’ benefits.

“Our local authority members across the UK have expertise covering all types of road users, and are keen to work in partnership with other stakeholders to help people make the transition to active travel, including cycling and walking.

“Many road safety teams offer Bikeability cycle training for adults and young people, and have specialists who can advise on the safe use of roads as a pedestrian.

“People can find contact details for their local road safety teams in the ‘your area’ section on the Road Safety GB website.”

Road Safety GB also has a team of specialists who are experts in their field and are very happy to provide support and advice to fellow road safety professionals, other stakeholders and members of the public. These specialists are also listed on the Road Safety GB website.

Liz Brooker continued: “Our Take Extra Care campaign, developed in partnership with the DfT’s THINK! team, provides a timely reminder for all road users of the importance of taking responsibility for their own safety and not putting more pressure on the NHS.

“We are planning a second phase of the campaign with updated messaging as the roads become busier with more people returning to work in the coming weeks.

“The overriding message is that Road Safety GB is fully behind the government’s attempts to encourage more use of active travel for commuting and other essential journeys. Our members have the skills and commitment to provide support to people at a local level who want help and advice on how to safely make the switch.”



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