Scheme helps to make cycling ‘e-asy’

11.15 | 24 May 2022 |

Cycling UK has hailed the successful launch of a new loan scheme, which offers members of the public free access to e-bikes.

Backed by Government funding, Cycling made e-asy was launched on 12 May in a bid to ‘help the nation try e-cycling and accelerate a shift to active travel’. 

The scheme is initially operating in Manchester, with plans to expand to other locations.

It allows people to loan a range of e-cycles, including non-standard e-cycles and cargo bikes.

When the scheme went live, more than 110 bookings were made in Manchester within two hours – almost one bike per minute. 

Sarah Mitchell, Cycling UK’s chief executive, said: “The fact that we’ve had such a strong interest in Cycling made e-asy is a testament to the appetite for e-cycles in Manchester. 

“This unique scheme gives participants free loans of e-cycles and will remove many perceived barriers, which may have otherwise held them back. We hope that this helps them to make changes to their travel habits.”

Over the coming months, Cycling UK is planning to roll out the scheme in four other possible locations including: Leicester, Luton & Dunstable, Hull and Sheffield.

In Manchester, the plan is to quadruple the amount of e-cycles available over the coming months.



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