92,000 motorists at ‘imminent risk’ of losing their licence

11.43 | 30 April 2021 |

Nearly 100,000 motorists are just one offence away from losing their driving licence, data shows.

The DVLA figures, obtained by IAM RoadSmart, reveal there are 92,000 drivers within three points of reaching the 12-point ban threshold.

Specifically, there are 80,484 motorists in the UK with nine points on their licence, 7,804 with 10 points and 4,313 with 11 points.

IAM RoadSmart warns these points could be accumulated through ‘everyday driving habits, ignorance or judgement errors’ – such as speeding, overtaking on a double white line, parking in a dangerous place or not stopping at a school crossing.

Meanwhile, the data also shows there are nearly 8,800 motorists still driving with 12 points or more on their driving licence.

This has led IAM RoadSmart to renew its call for a full review to ensure that drivers with 12 points are ‘always treated in the same way’. 

At present, reasons that these drivers can avoid a ban include exceptional hardship, such as loss of employment.

Neil Greig, IAM RoadSmart director of policy and research, said: “The number of motorists still driving on UK roads with more than 12 points, or just under the driving ban threshold, is alarming.

“It is also an opportune occasion to educate motorists on some motoring laws that they might be unaware can result in licence points, so that motorists can change their driving habits and carry out regular basic checks of their vehicle to help make the roads safer for all users.”



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