Campaign aims to empower Scotland’s young female cyclists

07.58 | 26 October 2021 | |

Image: Sustrans

A new campaign has been launched to enourage more teenage girls in Scotland to cycle.

Statistics show only half as many young women – aged 13-18 years – cycle to school, compared to young men of the same age.

The #AndSheCycles campaign, developed by Sustrans, aims to change this by empowering young female cycling ambassadors.

Schools, colleges and youth groups are being invited to participate in a three part interactive workshop, which will help shape and influence local #AndSheCycles campaigns and action plans. 

These sessions will be inclusive of trans and intersex young women, as well as non-binary and gender fluid young people who are comfortable in a space that is centred on the experience of young women.

There will be support, advice, equipment and up to £2,000 of funding available for groups of young women to enable them to develop and implement their action plans.

The campaign also includes the launch of the #AndSheCycles Instagram page. Run by the young ambassadors themselves, Sustrans says this page is ‘an important space for them to spread their messages in their own words and voices’.

Lee Craigie, active nation commissioner for Scotland, said: “We need campaigns like this to allow girls the opportunity to show other girls that bikes are for them.

“You don’t need specialist equipment or huge muscles to ride one (although personally I think both these things are great!).

“Riding bikes usually results in an increase in self-esteem and happiness.

“It also offers an affordable, independent travel solution.

“Young women need these things in their lives.”



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