‘Great things happen when people cycle’

09.09 | 18 June 2021 | |

Week two of Road Safety GB’s online cycling event draws to a close with a presentation looking at how to nurture skilful and considerate cycling.

The presentation has been prepared by Michael Corden, head of training, Cycle Confident and BikeRight.

Cycle Confident works in partnership with 14 London Boroughs to deliver a range of cycle training solutions – while BikeRight delivers Bikeability training in Merseyside, Manchester and the West Midlands.

Michael’s presentation looks at the role cycle training has to play in building on the increase in cycling seen during the Covid-19 pandemic.

In particular, he discusses how gaining skills through training develops confidence to ride more and builds a positive attitude towards cycling.

Michael’s presentation is available to watch via the event website from 10am today (18 June).

Registration remains open for final two live events
The three-week event, titled ‘More cycling, safer cyclists: how can we make it safer for more people to cycle, more often?’, is being aired free-to-all until 25 June.

The programme comprises a mix of pre-recorded and live content including video presentations, a workshop and a Question Time session. All the pre-recorded content will be published on the programme page at 10am on its advertised day.

Dates, times and registration details for the live sessions are also available on the programme page.

Registration remains open for the event’s second live presentation, which takes place at 14.00 on Wednesday 23 June. 

Titled A cycle-friendly Wales – transforming places in Wales through 20mph default speed limits and safe and convenient infrastructure, the presentation is being facilitated by Natalie Grohmann and Ian Bradfield from the Welsh Government. 

Click here to register to attend this session.

Registration is also open for a free Question Time session, which takes place on Thursday 24 June (11.00 – 12.00).

Panellists for the session – which will be hosted on Zoom by Nick Rawlings – are:

  • Fatima Ahmed, road safety manager, London Borough of Hounslow
  • Rachel Aldred, professor of transport, Westminster University
  • Michael Corden, head of training, Cycle Confident and BikeRight
  • David Davies, executive director, PACTS

Attendees will be able to ask questions during the session itself – or submit them in advance. Details of how to do so are available via the sign-up page.

Click here for more information about the panellists and/or to register to attend the session.



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