Kent outlines vision for zero road deaths by 2050

09.37 | 20 September 2021 |

A new strategy setting out how Kent County Council and its partners aim to eliminate deaths on the county’s roads by 2050 has been unveiled.

Vision Zero outlines how responsibility for the safety of the county’s roads will be shared by everyone from policy makers to engineers and from vehicle manufacturers to the media.

It focuses on the Safe Systems approach to road safety, which is designed with the human being at its core, accepting that even the most conscientious person will make a mistake at some point. 

The goal of Safe Systems is to ensure that these mistakes do not lead to a crash or, if a crash does occur, it is sufficiently controlled to not cause a death or a life-changing injury.

David Brazier, Kent County Council’s cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “We know people make mistakes but we recognise that we can prevent those mistakes from becoming fatalities.

“Responsibility for the safety on our roads needs to be shared by everyone and it is right that we remind people of the need to follow the rules in order to make sure they are as safe as possible.

“Vision Zero is an ambitious plan but I am confident, with everyone playing their part, we will be able to achieve a safer highway system for all that use it.”

KCC unveiled the map for safer roads at an event at Manston Airfield on 15 September, attended by Prince Michael of Kent.

Visitors to the launch event were able to observe live demonstrations of advanced driver assistance systems, such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and intelligent speed assistance (ISA).

Prince Michael of Kent noted how the responsibility falls on everyone to learn about road safety.

He said: “We all stand to benefit from the safe systems and the zero fatality approach that Kent County Council has adopted.

“I’m delighted to be here today to learn about how much of a difference they make.”



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