Tyre Safety Month asks ‘what’s stopping you?’

07.35 | 5 October 2021 |

This year’s Tyre Safety Month is underway, delivering its annual reminder to motorists of the importance of regularly checking the air pressure, condition and tread of tyres.

While regular tyre safety checks reduce the risks of an incident while on the roads, research by TyreSafe, organisers of the October-long event, suggests one-in-five drivers have never checked the tread on their tyres.

This number rises to a ‘startling’ one-in-three among young drivers.

Tyre Safety Month 2021 runs with the strapline ‘what’s stopping you?’ – a question which TyreSafe says not only reminds the motorist of the benefits and importance of tyre checks, but also carries a literal message.

TyreSafe has developed a series of ‘impactful and realistic’ scenarios involving families, loved ones and young drivers to resonate with a range of audiences and highlight the potential stakes of driving on defective tyres.

The closing message on each video promotes the acronym ‘ACT’ (air pressure, condition, tread) – also known as the three elements of basic tyre safety checks.

Stuart Jackson, TyreSafe chair, said: “While we campaign year-round to raise awareness of tyre safety, this October’s Tyre Safety Month campaign is particularly powerful in how it depicts the real risks and high stakes of not regularly checking your tyres. 

“There really is no excuse for ignoring tyre safety – you’ll help keep yourself, your passengers and other road users safe, particularly as the winter months and more challenging driving conditions approach. 

“Tyre safety checks – what’s stopping you?”



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